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ISSN 1088-7326

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The International Policy Review (ISSN: 1088-7326) Journal is an international journal proposed to fill the present requirement for the propagation of new information and methods, in the law research filed. The International Policy Review Journal is concerned with all aspects of the law in terms of their relationships to each other. Although materials are presented relating to Criminological Psychology and Psychological Science, the emphasis of the International Policy Review Journal is to connect the functioning of these elements and to demonstrate the effects of their interactions. Papers that reflect the application of new disciplines or analytical methodologies to the problems of criminal justice are of special interest. Since the purpose of the Journal is to provide a forum for the dissemination of new ideas, new information, and the application of new methods to the problems and functions of the law system, the Journal publishes papers that apply quantitative techniques to substantive, methodological, or evaluative concerns relevant to the law community.